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Daryl Elsea, Owner
Daryl Elsea, Owner

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Need More Than Painting?

Continuity throughout the whole project is extremely important from the Interior Painting to Welding Repair and Light Fabrication, proper Tile and Flooring Installation to Countertop Installation. We can help you achieve this continuity from beginning to end with our full line of services which ensures a seamless transition between all parts of the job. This way we can be sure no expensive surprises of rework or work-arounds will throw you off budget and jeopardize quality or ruin your finish deadline.

Painted StructureWe have a great sense of pride over all our work and our service guarantee extends to all the projects we do.

Why put a great paint job on a house that is in need of Trim and Siding Repair or Window Replacement? Don't call the interior complete when the painting is done while there is Finish Carpentry or some Aesthetic Remodeling that can be completed to add important value to your home.

We are also skilled craftsman in several other areas as well. Many times we find that these services go hand in hand with painting and we have found that by offering these services we may ensure the quality and peace of mind that our clients deserve and need.

  • Tile Installation - Countertops, Showers and Floors
  • Trim and Siding Repair
  • Fence and Deck - Repair or Build
  • Welding - Repair & Light Fabrication
  • Aesthetic Remodeling
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Window Replacement
  • T-Bar Ceiling Repair
  • Coved Base Replacement

"Academy Painting did a complete interior remodel of my home and built a deck outside and I couldn't be happier with their work. I would recommend this contractor to anyone who wants a very professional job done with extremely good quality and customer service."
Joe Jackels, Everett

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